Getting healthcare support over the festive period

    (23 Dec 2022)

    The NHS in Sefton is reminding you that they are still here for you over the upcoming Christmas and new year bank holidays, and sharing advice for planning ahead and getting healthcare help over the holidays.

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    Coronavirus Vaccination Boosters

    (19 Apr 2022)

    Please read this guide to view the eligibility criteria for the Covid-19 booster vaccination. If you do meet the eligibility criteria you can ring 01704 395830 to make an appointment at Southport Centre for Health & Well-being or ring 119 to book elsewhere through the national booking system. Please note we cannot book these appointments at the surgery.

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    Change to rules on Fit Notes & proof of sickness for employers December 2021

    (20 Dec 2021)

    With effect from the 10th December, the Government has temporarily changed the regulations which allow an employer to request proof of sickness from their employees. The requirement to obtain a Fit Note after 7 days of absence from work has been changed. In the period from 10th December until 26th January employees who become absent from work because of sickness do not have to obtain proof of sickness for their employer until after 28 days of absence. During this period Employers are not allowed to ask their staff to obtain a Fit Note or provide any other proof of sickness. The change has been introduced to help GPs to concentrate on dealing with the Covid emergency. This news item contains a link for a letter that you can give to your employer providing further information and guidance.

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    Give your views about services at your GP practice

    (29 Nov 2021)

    We are inviting all our patients to take part in a new survey to find out what it has been like using services at our GP practice since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone registered with our practice is being sent a text message or letter with details of how they can complete the survey. We are working with NHS Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to ask for your experiences of services at our practice during this time.

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    Appointment System - Planned Improvements

    (13 Sep 2021)

    From Monday 13th September 2021, in response to feedback from patients & an improvement in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we are making some changes to our appointment system. Please click 'read more' to find out further details.

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